Med - Pc Deposit Company was founded in 1996. During its operation, the company participated in the registration and maintenance of 2500 web addresses. Among our references, there are ministries, a range of national authorities, share companies, member of parliaments and many foreign ventures. Our company takes upon the preparation of websites, the registration and maintenance of ".hu" and other domain names.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our English speaking colleague.

2nd level .hu domain registration is available for EU citizens

The accession of Hungary to the European Union has made it important - to be in line with one of the basic rules of the EU (free circulation of goods and products) - that the registration of domains is available for all citizens, organizations and companies. The second class web addresses of the .hu range (i.e.: were available only for Hungarian citizens, organizations or companies - or for those ones who were registered in Hungary. There was only one exception: if the foreign requester had a registered, patented and identical brand name to the web address applied for. However the relief of 1st March 2005 does not apply for everyone. The above mentioned options are only available for the persons and legal entities resident in the EU. The restrictions do still apply for those who are not resident in the EU. Nevertheless the appointed contacts must be able to communicate in Hungarian and possess a Hungarian postal address.